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Love at college
"Do you really love me? I asked her,
Gazing deep into her dark brown eyes.
"Yes i do, that's why I am with you now" she said.
Looking back at the years gone-by I believed what she said.
And I told her softly "Then my story will have a happy ending''
We both smiled at each other and walked out of the campus,
To a quiet place where we could make the night a memorable one.
When we're all by ourselves,with no eyes to stare at us,
I put my arms around her shoulders and whispered in her ears
"Dear I'll miss you. I'll miss the rare friendship we both have,
It's just so special because of all the obstacles in it...."
"Yes it is!" she said, as she brushed away her long hair.
" We've kept the friendship inspite of the fears and threats" she said.
I listened to her while she was busy speaking about our heydays.
There were times when we hugged in the crowd, in the busy traffic,
When we sat down waiting for her bus to come, and let it go when it came,

When we danced the Punjabi dance,sang the songs that sprung from our hearts
When we prayed as we held hands together,and studied to pass the exams
And the times when we'd argue on our different opinions
Each trying to convince the other till one view would stannd!

Yes there were times when we had to act like strangers in the street,

Or outside the campus, the moment we're out of the college gate!
But when we're inside the campus we were inseparable.
We didn't care what people said about us! or talked behind us!
Coz we were friends, we didn't let anyone to come between us
And there were times when I felt cheated, ignored and sidelined by her.
In those moments I walked up to her to make my complaints heard.
"Why did you do this to me? why? "I'd say like a small kid, whining
Then she would take me to a canteen for a cup of coffee
And she'd say "Listen to me dear, you and I are in two different worlds
Don't try to bring these two worlds together, you'll never succeed!
Its enough to be friends, It's enough to know that we love each other."
"Oh! I thought you love me more than anyone else." I'd raise my voice
Then she would put her hands on mine as she said after a pause
"I love you dear, you know that.Otherwise I'd not be with you here.
I"d not come behind you always as though I were your tail if I hated you"
She indeed spoke the truth! She said what she never told me that day.
But those days were all gone now, they are far behind us.
It's a story that I'd love to share with my friends, even with my children!
It's a memory that will linger forever, its a joy that I'll never have again!
It's a story that will bring tears to my eyes, tears of both agony and ectasy!
There is alot more to say about it but this is enough for now
Coz if I choose to dwell in it I"ll have to go on and on without end.
"So I will stop here to say Goodbye to you" I said as I pulled her closer to me
I gave her a peck on her sweet and tender cheek which made her smile
A smile for more of it, a smile that I can even see now whenever I close my eyes
And as we crossed the busy road she clung to me
She gave me a big hug, a kind of hug she'd only give to someone special!
And fortunately I was the one who received that hug and heard her say
"Oh Francis I love you more than any word I could say"
Lam Thang Zomi

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