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ZOMI-ENGLISH SPEAKING NO.8, December 4, 2011

AT THE EMBASSY ( Visa lakna Embassy, kumpi zum ah)

Kawlgam ahilo, gamdang khatpeuhpeuh ah thudik tawh na painop leh gamdang pai theihna letmat lakloh phamawh a, tua pen Visa kici hi. Tua visa pen Embassy pan in a ki ngah ahi hi. Kapno USA ah painuam a hihman in USA Embassy ah hi a nuai a bangin kampau hi.

Embassy Counter a tunu/pa (Receptionist) = R , Kapno = K ,

Counsellor = C, Visa ngah ding leh ngaihloh ding thu nei pa. (A counsellor is a USA diplomatic officer ranking just below an ambassador or minister).

6. (Social Science / Education) a person w

R: Good morning. Can I help you?

Nadam hiam? Kong huh theihding a om hiam?

K: Yes, I would like to apply for a visa.

Visa a siaunuam hi veng aw.

R: What kind of visa are you going to apply?

Bang visa namte a hia na siauhnop?

K: Tourist Visa.

Tourist Visa hi.

R: Please fill out this form and then go and see the counsellor.

Hih form fill up in la, tua khitciangin Visa tawh kisa thuneipa/nu tawh ki mu in. Form fill up

Khitciangin Kapno Counsellor kiangah pai hi.

C:Let me see your passport?

Na gamdang paina ding laibu hong en pakdih ning.

What’s your native country?

Banggam mi na hiam?

K: Myanmar ( Kawlgam mi hi ing)

C: Why don’t you apply for the visa in your country?

Bang hangin na gampan un Visa siaulo na hiam?

K: Yes, I am visiting Germany now and I would like to visit USA before going back home.

Hi mah hi. Tu in Germany ah ka zinlaitak hi a, Kawlgam ka ciah kikma in USA a zinnuam pak hi


C: Have you been to USA before?

Nidangin USA na tung khin ngei hiam?

K: No, I haven’t. ( Tung ngei keng.

C: What’s your occupation?

Na nasep bang a hi hiam?

K: I am a businessman.

Sumbawl na sep a sem hi ing.

C: What kind of business are you doing?

Bang sumbawlna namte semna hiam?

K: I am doing advertising.

Vanzuak van lei na a dingin Kyawngia sem hi ing.

C: Are you married or single?

Papi/nupina hia? Tangval/ nungak na hia?

K: Single. (tangval lai hi ing)

C: How long will you stay in USA?

USA ah bang tan tamding na hia?

K: About 2 weeks only.

Kal nih sung bang bek tam ning.

C: Do you have any relatives there?

USA ah meltheih behleh phung na nei hiam?

K: Oh no. ( Oh, nei keng)

C: Which part of USA are you going to visit?

USA gam koi lam teng ah zinsawm na hiam?

K: I am going to visit, Nashville, Tulsa and New York.

Nashville, Tulsa leh New York lam ah zin sawm ing.

C: Have you bought your air ticket and have you made hotel reservation?

Na vanleng letmat ding na lei khinhiam? Na hotel ding na khamkhol khin hiam?

K: Yes, I have arranged everything.

Na khempeuh gelkhin zo hi ing.

C: OK. Here is your VISA. Have a nice trip.

Hi lai ah na visa. Khualzin nuam maw leh.

K: Thank you very much. ( Lungdam mahmah ing.)

Missionsakedemie an der
Universität Hamburg
Rupertistraße 67
22609 Hamburg

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